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Los Angeles


Everyday Vintage Inspired Fashion.

Designer Linda Marrone founded Loco Lindo in Los Angeles in the year 1992 driven from her passion for Vintage and Retro Inspired Fashion Styles. But, Loco Lindo is not about living in the past. Each one of our garments is designs and made to enjoy everyday.

Loco Blog

The Original Loco Lindo Vintage Dress

Marco Ciappelli

I thought you'd like to see the beginnings of the original Loco Lindo Vintage Dress. This is a picture of me in 1973 outside a relative's home in Kokomo, Indiana.

I would scour the thrift stores for rayon dresses from the 1940's and other cool things for myself, my friends and to sell. 18 years ago i had a pattern maker create a pattern for the style and so it began: the Loco Lindo Vintage Dress.