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Everyday Vintage Inspired Fashion.

Designer Linda Marrone founded Loco Lindo in Los Angeles in the year 1992 driven from her passion for Vintage and Retro Inspired Fashion Styles. But, Loco Lindo is not about living in the past. Each one of our garments is designs and made to enjoy everyday.

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The "Rachel" Story - The Dress That Tries To Help

Marco Ciappelli

Every Loco Lindo dress has a story, and the Rachel dress is no exception. A few years back while selling dresses at swing dance events, Linda met Rachel. Linda loves dressing dancers and is fascinated by what they wear and what works on the dance floor. Linda and Rachel would talk about how they adore "the twirl" that dancers love to see when trying on a dress in front of the mirror!

One day, the ladies were imagining what would be the perfect dance dress. Before you know it, these two great minds got together and designed "The Rachel" dress! A few months later, Linda came to Rusty's Rhythm Club to bring Rachel a prototype for the "The Rachel" dress. And, unbeknownst to Linda, it was Rachel's birthday! Rachel has since worn the dress over and over and is crazy about it!

If you could capture the essence of Rachel in a dress this would be it. Short and sassy with flutter sleeves and a wonderful expressive twirl to the skirt. A modest pearl neckline. Princess seams that skim the body to practical, functional pockets. All this punch and attitude in one amazing dress. We hope you'll dance the night away in it!

Rachel in her namesake dress!

Rachel in her namesake dress!

In February of this year, Rachel was diagnosed with her second bout of cancer. The great news is that she has completed treatment and is now 100% cancer-free. While she waits to be able to wear it, "The Rachel" dress hangs on her door waiting for her. We hope she'll be back to twirling in her namesake in no time!

Because of their special bond, Linda has generously offered to donate $10 for each "Rachel" dress sold to a charity of Rachel's choosing. For the online sales, donations will go to The John Wayne Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Research. Rachel's appreciation of her friend's kindness is heart-warming, "I am so grateful to Linda for giving to the organization that took such good care of me."

Rachel's positive and inspiring personality shines through in everything she does. In May, she wrote this poem for Linda: 

For Linda, because she makes the world a prettier place:

The Flip Side

Master C has pillaged and gone,
We fought him off -- fought and won.
Time to heal, to pause and wait...
For song, for dance, to fĂȘte my fate

The flirty flutter of the frock I wore
Catches my eye; I dream of yore
Of dancing joyous and
fancy free...
Not the same; and yet still me! 

Soon I'll don the Rachel dress
It's named for me, I must confess
A dress that makes you feel like gold,
In patterns subtle, patterns bold.

Scooping swooping curve of seam
Pockets and whimsy; fits like a dream
A flip of the skirt teases your eye;
A whirl, A twirl and then I'll cry:
I'm on the flip side now!