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Everyday Vintage Inspired Fashion.

Designer Linda Marrone founded Loco Lindo in Los Angeles in the year 1992 driven from her passion for Vintage and Retro Inspired Fashion Styles. But, Loco Lindo is not about living in the past. Each one of our garments is designs and made to enjoy everyday.

Loco Blog

Grace and Frankie - Dress Like Frankie!

Marco Ciappelli

If you have Netflix, chances are you've seen their popular original series, Grace and Frankie, a story of two unlikely friends. The second season was recently released, and it's been announced that it's been renewed for a third season! 

Frankie, played by Lily Tomlin, is an art teacher known for her bohemian style. In both seasons, she has worn the Loco Lindo Flyaway and Camp shirts. They have definitely become a part of her character. 

Want to emulate Frankie's look? Next time you binge watch, you can while wearing your own Loco Lindo top! Made from 100% rayon viscose, these classic styles can be worn as a shirt under or over overalls or unbuttoned for a jacket look.

I have been a fan of Lily since Laugh In days and am proud to have such a wonderful actress wearing our vintage-inspired clothing. Loco Lindo is honored to be a part of the show! Look below to see some images of Frankie's style, and be sure to get one of your own!