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Everyday Vintage Inspired Fashion.

Designer Linda Marrone founded Loco Lindo in Los Angeles in the year 1992 driven from her passion for Vintage and Retro Inspired Fashion Styles. But, Loco Lindo is not about living in the past. Each one of our garments is designs and made to enjoy everyday.

 A Day Back in Time with the Hollywood Hotshots

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A Day Back in Time with the Hollywood Hotshots

Marco Ciappelli

Since time travel hasn’t been discovered yet we here at Loco Lindo often settle for the next best thing, reenactments!  And no one does it quite better than the Hollywood Hotshots.  This amazing performance and entertainment group were recently spotted at Disney’s Avengers Half Marathon in you guessed it, Loco Lindo.  The event was a fun-filled day back in time to WWII cheering on the marathon’s participants. The Hollywood Hotshot ladies transformed fabulous Loco Lindo pieces into the perfect 1940s outfits for an oh-so-convincing look

This, however, isn’t the first-time Loco Lindo has been spotted on this amazing dance troupe, quite often Hollywood Hotshots will outfit their ladies straight from the Loco Lindo racks! We strive to combine a timeless vintage inspired look, vibrant prints, quality and most of all comfort to deliver pieces that can be worn in so many ways for so many reasons.  So, whether you are looking for the perfect work outfit or in need of dress to last you through a night of jumping and jiving, you’ve found the perfect place in Loco Lindo.

And as if you needed any more convincing here are some snapshots of the Hollywood Hotshots team in action at the Avengers Half Marathon. 

Take a look for yourself!  We know, it’s hard to believe these were taken this year and not in 1942 ;)