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Introducing....alterations!  We're thrilled to officially be offering a service we get asked about often.  We know items can't always be one size fits all when it comes to lengths, and that's why we've decided once and for all to give you the option of getting the perfect length to fit you in a variety of our styles!  It's easy, once you have added your desired garment to your cart you can visit this page to select which alteration you need from the menu above.  Once you have completed checkout we will follow up with you via email within 24 hours about your special hem request.  Once we have confirmed your new desired length we will start the alteration process.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion before shipping.  

If you are local to Los Angeles and have any previously purchased styles you are interested in altering or if you are not local but interested in using this service please inquire at:  

*Please note this is solely for removing length from a garment, we are unable to add length to existing patterns at this time.