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Black & White Stencil Floral 1930s Style Venice Beach Swing Dress

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This dress is a reproduction of the original vintage 1938 Genevieve Grazi swing dress from the iconic Venice Beach Balboa dance clip!  This beauty has puffed sleeves, a scoop neck, fitted waist, zipper back and a seven gored, full fabric skirt giving you the perfect twirls!   You will love this exact reproduction on and off the dance floor!  It is comfortable and cute, designed specifically to allow you to raise your arms high for all the moves you need.  

Watch Genevieve dance in the dress version of this skirt, in the rare 1938 footage known as "The Venice Beach Clip"! 

- 100% Rayon Crepe
- Preshrunk
- Machine Wash Cool
- Hang Dry
- Lightly Press if Needed 
- Made in USA
*Please Note: We pre-wash this natural, breathable fabric to remove the shrinkage. There may be slight variations in the sizing and fit from garment to garment.