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Everyday Vintage Inspired Fashion.

Designer Linda Marrone founded Loco Lindo in Los Angeles in the year 1992 driven from her passion for Vintage and Retro Inspired Fashion Styles. But, Loco Lindo is not about living in the past. Each one of our garments is designs and made to enjoy everyday.


What can we say? We are speechless, and extremely grateful for our customers notes!
It makes us very proud about what we already love to do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you would like to send us a note... well, we would love that!!! 
You can email it, with a picture if you wish, at info@loco-lindo.com

I am loving the wrap dresses. They are so easy to wear and the flow is very pretty. No matter how they are accessorized they work!
— Patricia
I just wanted to follow up on my recent order from Loco Lindo. Thank you for the prompt shipping - my dress arrived right after I received the shipping notification! And it is so beautiful. I am really quite impressed with the quality.

Thanks again for a wonderful shopping experience. I am going to treasure my new dress!
— Teri
I’m thrilled with my new dresses, which were waiting for me on my doorstep this evening. Thank you so much for getting them to me! I really appreciate it.
— Rosie
Love their clothes and Linda is great!!! Their cloth are wash and wear and fits well, looks great after washing.
— Jeanie
Completely sold on these dresses after my first one. Vintage-inspired styles for every shape and size. Beautiful prints. Comfortable dresses that travel very well.
— Laura T.
My favorite clothes for dancing all night! The rayon is cool, comfortable and breathable. Washing up the next day is as easy as throwing in my sink, rinsing, hanging and never needs ironing. Great for travel. There’s a dress style that’s perfect for every body, but also versatile separates. I love the prints and the solids. While producing true vintage styles, Linda is totally on point with fashion trends like the ‘cold shoulder’ and bright pastels this year!
— Jennifer
Live in Loco Lindo clothing. Clothing so comfy, stylish and travels really well! Orders processed quickly and her prints are must haves! Viva la Loco Lindo!
— Laura K.
I love all my Loco Lindo dresses. They are beautiful, easy to wear, easy to wash and miraculous for travel. Throw them in the suitcase, shake them out and voila— gorgeous for the whole day and into the night. Every time I wear a Loco Lindo dress I get many compliments. Perfect for dancing, going out to dinner, on a date, work, even great for the grocery store. Easy to accessorize, but no accessorizing necessary. I especially love the ‘Rachel’ dress. It flips and it’s got pockets!
— Rachel
I just want you to know, I love your skirts... I am not a dress fan, skirts are my thing. I just ordered 4 from you directly. I have purchased your skirts in Santa Cruz and Berkeley. If I could find them locally I would be in big trouble. I live at Lake Tahoe so I think I am safe. Please don’t change a thing your prints are so fun!!!
— Sharon
A beautiful Loco Lindo wrap dress for my son’s graduation. Came out of the suitcase ready to wear.
— Deborah
Might I say that your garments are well designed, well made, and are relatively easy care. You do a good job.
— Jamie
Just came back from two weeks in India and 75% of my wardrobe was Loco Lindo skirts, pants and tops. Easy to roll and take up little to no space and they washed and hung dry in about 45 minutes in India’s 95+ degree heat.

Got a lot of compliments on the styles and prints. A few of my fellow travelers from around the country will be looking at your website.

— Peggy
LOVE my two dresses I bought at the Pasadena Bead Show - yesterday, I’m your newest fan!
— Pamela
Laundry day, and there’s more of your pieces in the closet! The last 12 years, since I first saw your brand, I’ve wanted to live in nothing but your clothes. Thank you for your all around high quality.
— Nancy
Thanks for everything. I’m so excited to wear the Paris dress to the wedding! Your customer service is second to none! Thank you.
— Fiona
I love the dress I just received in the mail. I think it is my favorite!!!! The print is just beautiful. Thanks so much.
— Diane
Thanks so much for all your help and your fabulous clothing! I don’t think I mentioned before that I have been wearing Loco Lindo for probably 12 years, and all the pieces are still in great shape and enjoying heavy rotation in my closet. In fact, I mentioned how much I love Loco Lindo in my blog: Strawberries in May.
— Marcia

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Monika Jezebelle at the Nashville Boogie representing Loco Lindo    

Monika Jezebelle at the Nashville Boogie
representing Loco Lindo


Hi Linda,

I hope this note finds your week going great! I have to admit, I’ve been living in your dresses all week. I am so happy that I saw the online post about the Re-Mix sale to discover your Loco Lindo label and buy my two bags of clothing! From my hectic work days to nights out jive dancing, your unique clothing has complemented me so well. I really appreciate the fun prints that were meticulously selected for your line, as well as the skilled craftsmanship of each garment.
— Monika
Last night, I went to listen to some bands, and I wore this amazing dress (See photo) I just bought from you. A guy came up to me and said, “Hey, were you at the Pasadena music festival last week?”
I said, “Yeah, yeah I was,” really surprised he’d recognized and remembered me.
”I knew it! You were wearing another great dress.”
My jaw dropped.
Yep, at the Pasadena music festival I wore my Loco Lindo green cowboy print wrap dress.
Last night, I got many compliments (as I often do when wearing your clothes) on this dress. Man, if that’s not saying something about your fun and unique dresses...”
— Michele G.
Dearest Linda,
I just received my guitar picks dress, and it fits like a dream, I just love it!
Thank-you so much for letting me to be able to exchange the Hunt dress in XS for the guitar picks in a small. Love the turquese color and the print. I will wear it often.
— Abbygail | Paso Robles, CA
Vintage Dress Short Sleeve in Purple 40's Floral

Vintage Dress Short Sleeve in Purple 40's Floral

OMG, this is the most BEAUTIFUL DRESS EVER!!!!! Thank you SO much!
— Susan
I adore your entire line and how “figure friendly” (all shapes and sizes) they feel...the attention to small details from cut, color and print down to the buttons.

...but mostly how these garments link to the fond memories I have of my childhood. You totally “get it”.

Made in the USA!
— Ann
Dear Linda, I received THE DRESS... and I can’t tell you how much I adore it. I have never looked this spectacular/subtle in a dress ever, well maybe one other which is a couture dress from Barcelona.... But seriously, I feel and look like MILLION BUCKS. Plus the fact that I just purchaces glorious silky coral suede pumps, very 1940’s, which are a perfect match for the berries.
Also wearing dress with jade dress clips which take up the extra fabric on the bust and create a charming sweetheart neckline. I now have 6 of your wonderful dresses so what more do I need? Actually a full length Greer Garson cut evening dress would be great.... Maybe in future?
— Elizabeth H., Berkeley
Thanks for your beautiful work, Linda! A pleasure to wear!
— Elle
Love Loco Lindo,
especially the flyaway tunics ~ have bought about 40 pieces for others and myself! Please consider making them in Mayan Orange. Thanks for offering this great sale and for continuing to send me emails. With aloha
— Paula
Love my new cowgirl dress! Thank you!!!
— Pam
I have 7 of your dresses and 2 skirts. The dresses cause people to stop and ask where I got them. There is nothing else on the market of anything close to the quality and beauty of your clothes, especially for the price.
— Mary
You are fabulous! Not only are your dresses fantastic, so is your customer service!
Thanks again!
— Leslie
I just wanted to say thank you for creating dresses that make me feel beautiful, sexy & feminine with style & quality workmanship!
I have begun a collection of lovely dresses.
Thank you for following your dream. Creating a vision & bringing it into fruition.
— Elan
I love my new dress. Thank you!
— Michele
I got the sweetest compliment at my work today! A gentleman told me that they should make a catalog of me with the clothes I wear to work. He says I always look so nice and that he wishes more women would dress like me! Thank you Loco Lindo and and thank you Linda!
— Simple
`I love all of my new dresses! Thank you, Linda, for your artistry and your generosity.
— Yomi
My wife loves your dresses (as do I!)
— Jay
Just received our newest shipment of Loco-Lindo. Better than ever. Styles that FIT perfectly. Fabrics that are so gorgeous, we always wish we had ordered more. Timeless yet right on target. Thank you for being wonderful.
— Jacqueline
Sometimes I try to get my health walk in during the day rather than after work, if there are other things to do, and the near north destination is a pretty walk.

Anyway, while surrounded by shops of enormous expense, I had some compliments on my Loco floral print dress which looked even nicer than the high end prints in the windows. I get compliments all the time from others, I don’t always know, on these dresses.
— Patricia
I received my dress yesterday and want to tell you I love it! It is the most flattering and comfortable dress I own! Thank you so much.
— Susan
Hi, Linda. The harvest vintage dress came this week and I wore it to work right away. I love the colors against the black background, really beautiful.
Thank you, Linda. It looks like your business is growing which is a wonderful thing. I hope you continue to have great success.

Thanks for taking care of me. I do love your dresses.
— Pat
Hi Dear Linda,
Everything listed is perfect! LOVE my “New York”, it is so fun and super retro—again, perfect! Thanks for everything!!
— Renee